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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Skin problems - my accutane story part 3

after the 2nd cycle, my skin was healthy.. zits came once in a while but was not frequent.. and i was happy, thank god its all over.. i was very active in the makeup business, my weight was getting lesser (then :p) .. it was allllll goooooood

come 2013, i was being a bit adventurous, wanting to try out new products la facial la.. n i did. and ohh boyyy my worst nightmare just hit me againnnn!!  im not too sure if i was ignorant about it or if i was in denial.. it was baddddd.. very close to the 1st cycle.. and had to went back to my dermatologist, m so glad i was covered dis time around. alhamdulillah mungkin rezeki dapat kerja baru.. syukur sangat. 

since this is my 3rd cycle, alhamdulillah i was mentally ready for it. for the break out, for the dryness, for the running nose.. all that. i was emo once in a while, along with the monthly emo.. hehhee.. but as Z was around, he was very encouraging and supported me alot through this process. *thank you for being there for me, may allah bless you always*

I started accutane around July 2013, and i had recently stopped taking it (about a year). I know its a long duration, but the doctor advise for it to be longer (since i have no wedding plan in the future), to at least stabilize it.. followed her instruction and alhamdulillah i had not experience any skin issues.

I do notice however, that my skin started become oily again. when i was on accutane, my skin was dry even my scalp. i can go for 4 days without washing my hair (i know its yuckky but i can be lazy at times :p). nowadays, i must wash my hair by end of day 2. it could not last any longer.

my menses however, have yet to return to its normal cycle. hopefully it will be back as normal in the next 2 - 3 months.

Until then, enjoy my accutane journey with pictures to prove it.

Thank you for reading this, with or without acne, you can still be beautiful.
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#prayforgaza #humanity

(L-R) The earlier stage when it breaks out. then after 1-2 months into accutane 10mg daily. After 4 months of accutane.

this is my recent picture with ammar, no makeup, no filter, as it is :) alhamdulillah

another recent selfie of me with makeup on but no filter :) alhamdulillah, allahuakbar!

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