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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tie it up

Mekap hari ni. Using MAC technakohl graphblack pencil, naked2, MAC zoom & lash, MAC brave lipstick and MAC cremesheen lipglass in right image :)

xbest la gamba ni.yelo.kenot see anything :P

Hari ini unlike most days, i pulled all my strength to tie up my hair haha. Very rare that i tie it up, i usually prefer it down and free.

I ikat macam ponytail but i made 2 of it one above the other. Slalunya i buat macam ni sbb nak nampak rambut lebih panjang, illusion sahaja ye. I also created a small lil bump for my fringe.

my ponytail sideview

choc chip cookies from Raje, check out her shopping blog here.

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