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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

HD Raya Look 2012

hello lovelies,
only 5 days left before hari raya and most of us are already excited for the public holidays and balik kampung, woots! This year i have decided to stay low and berjimat cermat :) unlike most years where i would spend a lot on shoes, baju raya, handbags and cosmetics of course heee

Ziana Zain at her best

So for this year, I have a plan for our HD Raya Makeup look. As posted here and here , last year we did a lot of dark smokey eyes and bold lips.

Below are some pictures I have gotten from the Internet:

This year is all about bronze, gold smokey sultry look but in a subtle way. 

The other look that I am looking at for this year is bold lips, not only red lips, but also considering other colours such as fuschia and coral. 

Lets pray that i will be able to come up with this looks for Raya. Oh by the way, I will be using mainly the Naked2 pallete from Urban Decay, love love love UD!

Naked2 is available at sephora for RM179 (if i'm not mistaken)  :)

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