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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Casual friday

After more than 2 years working for this company, at last they implement casual friday! hoorah!
buttttt unlike other co. where you can wear jeans, na-a! Not here. Here it is casual-no jeans-no cargo pants- no sports attire - no picture shirt- friday. Theres too many no, that most of us will just wear our office attire :p it is also quite troublesome for me to think of what i should wear on a casual friday, very stressfull u know :p

My makeup for the day, red lips with a defined eye makeup. Also one of those days that i prefer to tie my hair up into a single ponytail.

9 days or less to syawal! Dentist done! 

Oh ha nak citer i received a kad raya! 

Wee my first kad raya this year (most probably my ONLY kad raya) hahah. From a beloved colleague, terima lasih Kliyana!! Hee ni angpow kosong dari co. Terima ajelah wpon kosong, kalau ade duit lg baekk :p

next post will be on HD Raya trend, stay tuned!

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