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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


hye, december has been a very very busy month for me and my family. everything has been planned out much earlier on.
  1. My second sister, Fara got married on 5th december. I was busy handling relatives, door gifts and of course make ups ;)
  2. I was supposed to catch a flight to Melbourne on 8th Dec, but i missed that flight.. :( which means i get to go to kak fara's wedding in Alor Star for the weekend
  3. We were in Kedah for 3 days, came back on sunday and flew off to Melbourne with the family on Tuesday..hectic, yes i know!
  4. My graduation ceremony was on 16th dec, and it was the hottest day of the week in Melb, 39 degrees T_T
so out of all this of course theres a lot of make ups and pictures ;) hope that i will be able to post it within this week while looking for a job at the same time.. ahah.. wish me luck!

Love :)

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